Transform the challenges of pharma serialization into opportunities.

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The opportunities of PHARMA serialization

How 3PL's can contribute to the pharma serialization process

How to make sure that you comply with the new pharma serialization rules and procedures before 9 February 2019? We believe that the solution lies in a strong collaboration between logistics service providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers (and their CMO’s).


How you'll benefit


By collaborating with your logistics service providers you can:

  • Make a smooth and speedy transition into the new serialization system
  • Add value to pharma serialization
  • Save costs


What's in our expert paper 'Pharma Serialization'?

Download our expert paper on Pharma Serialization and read all about:  

  1. Why pharma serialization is introduced and how the system works
  2. How involving the logistics service providers can help you make the deadline
  3. How collaboration with logistics service providers can transform the challenges of pharma serialization into opportunities
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Download our free expert paper 'PHARMA SERIALIZATION'