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How H.Essers takes parts logistics to the next level. 

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Spare parts are vital to many companies. That is why high stocks of service parts and technical components are often maintained to keep customers’ installations up and running at all times. However, these stocks are often much too large. H.Essers Parts has now developed solutions to guarantee better availability, while maintaining less stock.

When spare parts are mentioned, people often think of parts for large-scale sectors such as the automotive industry. However, niche sectors such as industrial printers, medical devices, energy systems, drilling platforms and utilities also depend on adequate spare parts management. Either for the timely maintenance of their own machines and appliances and guaranteed permanent availability, or to provide the necessary spare parts to technicians in the aftermarket in good time.

Many companies still manage and maintain their own stocks of spare and service parts. They assume that it allows them to build in sufficient availability, which also justifies the cost of the parts they have in stock. However, this method actually ignores the fact that the actual cost is much higher than just the book value. Indeed, the in-house management of stocks and spare parts is not only costly because the scale of operations is so small, it also involves hidden costs.

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